Do you Like Coffee?

At the end of 2021, I re-read and reviewed some of my “old” blogs from that year. I would like to take a little different approach this new year, and move away from my natural tendency to be a teacher. I know that I am a “maven,” which is someone who likes to collect knowledge and then share it with others. It is not a point of boasting; it is just fun for me to learn new things and share them with other people. But, I would like to make my blogs more conversational, and invite readers to respond to me with their thoughts and responses. That is, I would like to be more accessible, and less “teachery.”

So, consider this a special request for any reader to respond, to ask questions, to tell me what you think, or whatever. Spread the word, and perhaps more people will join us in the discussion.

Thus, I open the new year with coffee. Yes, coffee. Coffee can be warm and friendly, and very sharable. I have had so many wonderful conversations with friends over coffee. It is inviting without being intimidating. It is easy to say, “hey, what’s going on with you?” with a mug in hand, and really mean it.

On the other hand, coffee can be controversial and complex. What kind of bean is it, and where were the beans grown? How were they treated in the roaster?  Is it “fair trade” coffee?  Is it fresh? Is it brewed correctly? A man in front of me took 3 minutes to order his fancy coffee at the local coffee shop, and then was concerned that it was not done suitably. What a shaky start to the day…..Sometimes we can overthink things – I know I can. Sometimes coffee is just coffee; it is enjoyable and it tastes good.

It was another crazy year – unexpected, contentious, confusing. Maybe it is time to relax. Take off your coat. Stay a while. Turn off your phone, and the news – just for a moment! Stare out the window. Enjoy the sunshine. Read a good book with a good cup of coffee. Like frosting on a cake, sugar, cream and chocolate in coffee are just extra bonuses! Who doesn’t need more sweetness in 2022? We need to stop and smell the coffee, enjoy the moment, smile at the barista and relish a few moments of wonderful warmth and sweet smells.

On the other hand, are you a tea person? Coffee is not the only soothing elixir. My friend is from England, where there is nothing like a good pot of tea.  In a time of crisis, in foul weather or nasty moods, the Brits stop and have a cup of tea. I think it has medicinal value. They could not survive without their friend, Earl Grey (and/or perhaps a wee dram of Scotch as well!!)

Of course, caffeine is a stimulant.  What stimulates you to good reading, good thinking, good conversations?

Sometimes life is just life.  It can be warm and wonderful or strong and bitter. Our cups of life never stay full; they run dry, and then we need to fill them up again. Sometimes my “tank” feels empty, and I must stop and refresh. I think life is meant to be shared, good or bad, to be savored, to be tasty and enjoyed. Do you think so?

“As trees surrender their last leaves and winter wraps around us, we brace ourselves for the chill and we find resolve in who we are and what we know to be true.” I think I like this a latte!

Get a cup of coffee and we can toast to the new year!!

Author: Judy

Christian educator, writer, specializing in the New Testament

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