Fall is falling…

It has been way too long since I have written a blog. Quite honestly, I have been in a writing frump. I have had a very close relationship with my computer, maybe too close, and I got tired of so much time together.  I have written a book about John 17, and am in the process of editing it for publication. I re-wrote and edited two essays assigned to me for the second edition of “The Dictionary of Paul and his Letters.” I taught “2 Peter and Jude” at our church this summer, and am teaching “Colossians, Ephesians and Philemon” at present. Every time I thought about what to blog, something came up, and I put off writing.  My computer glared at me.

But, here I am, determined to keep on attempting to do what I like to do. It is true that reading always brings things to mind, and then writing is the consequence. If I could make more time to read, I would have more inclination to write. The requirements assigned to me are nearly finished, and I can enjoy blogging again. Has anyone else ever experienced this kind of “dryness?”

In spite of my busy-ness, we have had a glorious autumn where I live. The change of seasons has been so beautiful that it is something that I need to share. Autumn may be the season of dying, whereas spring is the season of re-birth, but fall has a distinct beauty of its own; September and October are my favorite months. I love hiking in the chill – kicking up the fallen leaves and looking up to a canopy of golden aspen leaves underneath bluebird-blue skies.  I found this quote: “The story of fall is one of strength sown steadily. Seasons of loss and hardship are our story.  Look for the beauty that remains: the strength we earn in difficulty can still hold us up today.” Indeed. We all have times of autumn in our lives.  Like the trees, our roots sustain us through the cold winters and even grow stronger:

“Storms begin on the horizon in the gathering of small forces. Trees build roots in unseen places, beneath the surface where the roots reach deep to conquer darkness and fill that space with life. To grow deep roots requires action: courage, love, commitment.”

Listen to the rain. Watch the darkening skies. Pause to admire the turning leaves. Be patient; fall is falling. Remember the strength you have to enjoy another winter. Strength is not at the beginning or the end, but it is in the journey along the way.

Catch me on the ski slopes in another month! 

Author: Judy

Christian educator, writer, specializing in the New Testament

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