New Perspectives

I have enjoyed reading blogs written by others, but have struggled with trying to consistently blog myself.  In the last 6 years, I have written two books, one for Zondervan Publishing, and one on my own that is yet to be published. Many thanks to the Covid 19 quarantine, which gave me time to complete the second book. With its completion, I have a new perspective on writing blogs, and I am excited to enter into the realm of “blogness,” attempting to articulate my thoughts briefly on-line.

The thought finally occurred to me that blogging is a lot like the old fashioned newspaper columns.  Ah — this is something I can relate to.

Thus, I commence my “column”, which is a “blog” in today’s electronic vernacular. It will be my (perhaps) weekly (certainly not daily) commentary on pertinent biblical issues.  What kinds of biblical issues?  Like a good journalist, I know that issues create themselves.  So often, various issues and events spark my thinking, motivate my desire to research, explain, exhort, and whet my appetite for discussion. What preachers say and what scholars write often force me to respond,  to write something, even if it is only to question what has been said about Christianity, the Bible and life as we know it on this shrinking planet.

I am a retired seminary (graduate level) instructor, who has focused on the New Testament.  In particular, I taught biblical hermeneutics, which is, again broadly, methods of interpreting and understanding the biblical texts.  My theological interests range from intertestamental literature, to first-century Roman Empire literary influence, to current discussions on the letters of Paul, and the Gospel of John.  My passion is teaching how to interpret the Bible and challenging people to think critically about what God’s word  really says, and not what they think it says. This “blogness” seems to be the best vehicle to do that.

Anyway, welcome to my world.